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Position Players 2016

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What can you say about the team this year? It is back and the offense should be about the same as last year. We can always hope that certain players do better, but we might as well face it that we are getting pretty much the same guys as last year so it is hard to expect more than we got then. Actually, the offense wasn’t too bad last season. The pitching was the real problem. If we can get a similar performance from the guys offensively this year we may do fine. Continue reading

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BullPen 2016

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The Red Sox bullpen may be some improved over last season but I still feel less than confident that they can do the job. Many of the same pitchers are back that blew leads late in the game often last season. You never know with some of them how they are going to do as inconsistent seems a good way to describe them, putting it mildly. We don’t really know what we are going to get from these boys is the bottom line. Continue reading

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Starting Pitching 2016

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What do I know about baseball? Not much, but I loyally listen to every Red Sox game at so I thought I might start a blog, since it’s free, about my day to day thoughts on the game and how the team is doing this year. The season starts this coming Monday and I am looking forward to watching David Price pitch his first regular season game in a red sox uniform. Continue reading

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