Red Sox vs Blue Jays Game 2

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The Red Sox looked good against the Blue Jays today. They finally got an adequate start out of a pitcher as Porcello did what was needed. He actually looked pretty good overall and it would have been a great outing had it not been for the two two-run homers by Bautista. Let’s hope the trend will continue for him and rub off on the test of the staff as well. It was a great game that saw the team come out on top 8-4. Hooray for our side! Continue reading


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Red Sox Vs. Toronto Game 1

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The Red Sox were able to do what they often couldn’t the last couple of years and win a tough game despite bad starting pitching. In their 8-7 victory, they did what many great teams are able to do and overcome a 5 run deficit to come out on top. Great teams usually only have to do so occasionally, however. If the pitching woes continue for Boston, they can’t continue to win with offense only. Continue reading

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Red Sox Game Two

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Well, it was a disappointing loss, but it’s gonna happen. One game is no real indication, but the bullpen looked a lot like last season’s in their inability to hold the lead late in games. The offense is pretty good, but again last night they were unable to overcome the shortcomings of the bullpen. There were some good moments in last night’s game despite the final outcome. Continue reading

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Red Sox Season Opener

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If one game can be any indication (which really it can’t), Red Sox fans have much to be encouraged about in their season opener at Cleveland. The whole team played well for the most part, with a couple of exceptions,  and it was enough to begin the season with a win 6 to 2. If they can keep it up and play this way all season it should be a good year. Continue reading

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Position Players 2016

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What can you say about the team this year? It is back and the offense should be about the same as last year. We can always hope that certain players do better, but we might as well face it that we are getting pretty much the same guys as last year so it is hard to expect more than we got then. Actually, the offense wasn’t too bad last season. The pitching was the real problem. If we can get a similar performance from the guys offensively this year we may do fine. Continue reading

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